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Fivium Hack Day

As you can probably tell from this blog, I go to a fair amount of hack days and coding events in London. I like these events as it gives you a completely open playing field to work on pretty much any project you like and use any tools and languages you want. Unlike regular work where we have technical debt, paying customers and Gantt charts.

While talking to people in the office at Fivium, the company I work for, about these events sometimes people show an interest and come along, as Matt and Stephen did with Music Hack Day 2013. But not everyone has the time to spend an entire weekend coding away from home and families and not everyone wants to work on whatever the event theme is. Some people also worry about being the worst one at a hack day as they don't know how their skills stack up against developers from all over London, the UK and the world.

Fivium Hack Day

This year however Fivium decided to have a company-backed hack day where any of the staff could spend a Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon developing whatever they liked in the office. Ideally projects would be somewhat work related, but not related to any client work as that wouldn't be any fun!

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