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Adventures in book analysis

In my previous post, Contributing to iText, I talked about my use of a great Java library called iText that lets you create and read PDF files. This is a post explaining the project, Adventurer, that I was working on which uses iText.

All the way back in December 2012 I backed a Kickstarter project by Ryan North for a choose your own adventure version of Hamlet called To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure. I pledged $35 to the project with the hopes of getting a signed physical book, some rad temporary tattoos as well as a DRM-free digital copy of the book. You can read more about the book over on Wikipedia.

To be or not to be

In August 2013 I got the digital copies of the book, though I held off reading those versions for a couple of weeks while enjoying the physical book. Reading the physical book was great fun, there's so much content and despite being based on what I'd consider fairly dry original material (Shakespeare was never my kind of thing) Ryan has done a fantastic job of modernising it and making it fun to read and play with.

This blog post isn't a review of the book however, it's about the project it inspired me to make. While the book was great fun to read it's also fun to flick through and look at some of the crazy endings that may happen. Unfortunately there's no easy way to find out how to get to some of these endings, and while playing through the book is very fun, sometimes you just want to find out the fastest route to some page you flicked past once that looked funny, and that's where my project comes in.

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