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JVM Core Dumping

The work I do for Fivium is mostly developing a Java servlet called FOXopen which is a stateful web framework that typically runs on top of Tomcat.

VisualVM View of Java memory

Unfortunately, as with all software, it occasionally crashes and hangs (typically using 100% CPU stuck in a GC loop). When a Java application has hung because of underlying memory issues the best way to investigate the cause would be to dump all the memory, a Heap Dump.

Even more unfortunate perhaps is that when the JVM is hung you often cannot get a heap dump using the conventional tools or methods. And tools which might work may take extraordinary amounts of time to complete.

Recently I stumbled upon a method of getting a heap dump which is surprisingly fast so I figured I'd share it here.

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QCon 2015

QCon is A practitioner-driven conference focused on facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in enterprise software development, or at least that's what their Twitter account says. This is a post about some of the interesting talks I saw at QCon London 2015.

QCon Logo

I've been before, in 2013, and had a great time. The talks at QCon are always some of the most varied of any conference I've been to. Rather than focusing on one area there are many tracks of talks with individual talks ranging from management techniques and agile processes to low level bit-packing binary messages for nano-second performance gains.

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