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Fivium Hack Day 2015

In my previous post I wrote about organising the Fivium Hack Day 2015, this post will be about how the event went, what people created and who ended up going home with prizes.


After all the organising we had around 15-20 staff taking part, which for a company of 40-50 isn't bad considering not everyone in the company is a developer. Everyone taking part was a software developer or support tech, but as we started on a Friday at lunchtime we did get some idea discussion with some of the staff from other roles in the company such as software testers, marketing and company directors. Having the event start on the Friday afternoon gives a good chance for non-developers to take part where they can and to get a view of what the rest of us are doing which helps spread knowledge and encourage ideas.

By Saturday afternoon we had produced 13 projects suitable for demoing. Giving a demo of a hackday project is usually one of the harder parts for me when I take part in other hack day events so when I organise the Fivium Hack Day I try my best to make it a fairly casual affair where people are only loosely time constrained and have a chance to explain what they did and why.

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Organising a Hack Day

Fivium Hack Day logo 2015

Some people may think that organising a hack day is just a matter of picking a date, sending an email invite and hoping the internet holds up but actually there's quite a a lot of things to do if you want to make a hack day fun.

Back in February 2014 I organised the inaugural Fivium Hack Day, you can read about how the event turned out in my post Fivium Hack Day in April 2014. but I didn't give too many details about the time & effort that went into organising the event.

Since the 2014 event colleagues kept asking me when I would organise another Fivium Hack Day, but when it came to February this year I was completely swamped with work and had no time to organise anything. After a few months of putting it off however one of the students who was working with us at the time on his placement year forced me into organising a follow up.

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