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LeapScan - Leap Motion 3D Scanning

Screenshot of LeapScan during development

I bought a Leap Motion years ago and despite a few hack day projects here and there it doesn't get much use aside from gathering dust in one of my cupboards.

During lunch with a friend we got talking about 3D scanning tools I figured I'd see if the Leap could do it as aside from a 1st generation Kinect I don't have anything which has decent stereo cameras.

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2 comments :: Posted by Nick Palmer :: 2016-03-31 19:48:34

Rust Java class file parser

Rust is all the rage these days and it seems that barely a day goes by without a post on Hacker News extolling the virtues of Rust: blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

After what feels like decades of reading all this hype I figured it would be a good idea to jump aboard that hype train and try my own hand at making something with Rust that would take advantage of the features Rust gives you as a developer.

When it comes to the type of software I work on, either for my day job or hobby coding I don't think I'd put any of it in the "systems programming" category where Rust seems to fill a niche. None of my existing projects would make sense to port so instead I decided to try and push my boundaries and dip a toe into the lower level software development world.

Rust and java logos

As I'm mainly a Java developer, and a Java developer who's spent quite some time learning how the JVM works internally, I thought it could be a fun project to attempt to write my own JVM. Thankfully for me the JVM has a very detailed and open specification which makes it much less daunting to start than some may think.

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No comments yet... :: Posted by Nick Palmer :: 2016-03-05 19:22:03