Walking Strandbeest

At the Fivium Christmas party this year I got given a Strandbeest kit in the Secret Santa. I thought this was excellent and had enough fun building it and playing with it that I figured it was good enough to make a quick post about before closing out the year. Below is a picture of the box I unwrapped (along with a kazoo, but that's another story entirely) and it instantly made me want to go home and put it together. As a watcher of Tested videos I'd already seen Adam Savage put one of these kits together and it definitely looked like fun.


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1 comment so far :: Posted by Nick Palmer :: 2016-12-19 21:43:51

Fivium Hack Day 2016

Another year working for Fivium, another Fivium Hack Day.

People getting down to work

The format of the Hack Day at Fivium is now fairly well settled so the organising was much as it was for previous years. Unfortunately this year I wasn't working in the main office to do the bulk of the organisational work but thankfully there were other people more than willing to do the arduous work of sending out a couple of emails and seeing what prizes people might want.

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Tartan Cake (and 3D printing)

My girlfriend works for a company that was having a cake making contest recently. This company has its own registered tartan (yes, individual tartan patterns can be registered) and a logo of an eagle which looks pretty cool and we figured would look even better all made out of icing.

The cake

A quick google for "tartan icing" reveals minimal decent results and what is there is mostly just printed patterns rather than hand-made. There wasn't much in the way of eagle cutter shapes in the baking section at Tesco either so we had to come up with our own plan and, as is getting much more common with me, get some parts 3D printed by Shapeways.

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Silverstone Grand Prix 2016

As with most typical geeks sport usually isn't one of my main interests. One of the few sports I do enjoy is Formula One however with its well designed and engineered cars, abundance of technology in the cars and behind the scenes and the general noise and spectacle of the sport.

Me at Silverstone

After watching it on television for many years now I thought it was high time that I actually went along to a race to see it in person so this summer myself and my girlfriend went along to the British grand prix in Silverstone for 6 days to enjoy the camping and racing.

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Game Boy Link Cable Breakout Board

Assembled breakout boards

I have been thinking about interfacing with my Game Boy for a while via the link cable but had no way, other than destroying a cable, to connect to it.

Eventually I stumbled upon a blog post where someone had written about creating a link cable breakout board. Unfortunately they didn't distribute their CAD files but I figured now would be a good time for me to learn how to create my own PCBs as it's something I've never even attempted before.

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