Reasons to contact me

  • You're bored
  • You want to work with me
  • You wish to sell me Gentlemans Supplements
  • You like the cut of my jib
  • You have a project idea you want to work on
  • You found a bug in my code

Reasons NOT to contact me

  • To tell me I'm rubbish
  • To tell me to use javascript for everything
  • To give me £1m that your uncle left you
  • To tell me about Jesus


Feel free to leave me a message here and I'll try to get back to you quickly. (Note to spammers, this form doesn't send emails automatically...)




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  • GTalk -
  • Trillian - palmer
  • Skype - palmer586
  • IRC - palmr, on freenode


If you want to be sure it's me that you are talking to online here is my public PGP Key (1A482AD5), send me your public key.